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How to Automate your Cloud Data Warehouse

Digital marketing agency Callahan knows data like the back of their hand—it’s the foundation of any...

How Deutsche Börse Uses Trifacta To Build Data Pipelines To The Cloud

Speaker: Konrad Sippel Data is a key driver for value for Deutsche Börse. Generating petabytes of data...

Macif assure sa transformation métier en démocratisant l’accès aux données grâce à Trifacta

Macif assure sa transformation métier en démocratisant l’accès aux données grâce à Trifacta Face à...

How Data Driven Analytics are Transforming Gov

The Presidential Management Agenda and the Cross-Agency Priority Goals featured clear guidance for using,...

Data Preparation for Dummies

You know you need to wrangle a ton of diverse, complex data to get it into a form that’s suitable for...

Trifacta Wrangler Enterprise Datasheet

Designed for large-scale deployments on-premises or in the cloud, Wrangler Enterprise provides a...

Trifacta Wrangler Pro Datasheet

Wrangler Pro accelerates data preparation by making the process more intuitive and efficient. The Wrangler...

Accelerating Marketing Analytics Time-To-Value by 99.5% at PlusUp With the Google Cloud Ecosystem

The main benefit of a cloud-based modern data stack such as Google Cloud, is the ability to have an analytics...

How Self-Service Data Preparation Enables the Most Complex Audit in the World

The United States Department of Defense (DoD) has the largest operating budget in the world. Given the...

Accelerate Data Preparation with AWS Data Exchange

Cloud based data analytics solutions have evolved over the past few years to make it much easier to establish...

Self-Service Data Preparation: Augment Your Analytics Using AWS Data Exchange and Trifacta

If you’re looking to augment or enrich your analytics projects, there’s no shortage of third-party data....

How Autodesk Used Automation to Accelerate Analytics by 66%

Due to the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, every company needs to do more with less. This has...