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Accelerate Analytics Projects with Trifacta on AWS

You love the idea of having a structured and more efficient data stream but you are intimated by the time and...

Easy-to-Use, Enterprise-Ready Data Preparation on Google Cloud Premium

The biggest opportunity to drive new analytic value lies in solving the data preparation problem....

Intelligent, Easy-to-Use Data Preparation on Google Cloud Standard

Cloud Dataprep by Trifacta is the only native data preparation solution on the Google Cloud Platform that...

Why Upgrade to Google Cloud Dataprep Premium

Cloud Dataprep Premium includes all features found in Cloud Dataprep Standard, plus a host of features...

Public Sector Transformation Faster than an F-15: How the US Airforce is Modernizing Analytics in the Cloud

The United States Air Force (USAF) works with a diversity and scale of data that most organizations can...

Leveraging Cloud Dataprep by Trifacta, BigQuery and Looker for Marketing Analytics

The basis of effective marketing analytics is a huge variety of data—everything from Google Analytics or...

How To Automate Data in the AWS Cloud

There is more data available today, than there ever has been before. The data also becomes available at...

G2 Grid Report and Relationship Index for Data Preparation, Fall 2020

Business analytics and reporting has become increasingly more difficult with 80% of project time being spent...

Transitioning to Cloud Analytics

How can you transition your analytics from a rigid and costly approach with restricted value to a very few,...

How to Automate your Cloud Data Warehouse

Every organization is a new data challenge. Do you start with a strategy of front-end data analysis to guide...

How Deutsche Börse Uses Trifacta To Build Data Pipelines To The Cloud

Speaker: Konrad Sippel Data is a key driver for value for Deutsche Börse. Generating petabytes of data...

Macif assure sa transformation métier en démocratisant l’accès aux données grâce à Trifacta

Macif assure sa transformation métier en démocratisant l’accès aux données grâce à Trifacta Face à...