Alteryx Announces Acquisition of Trifacta

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Alteryx advances its cloud and data engineering ambitions with acquisition of Trifacta

Data management and analytics provider Alteryx has rung in the new year with its eighth pickup since 2017,...

Modernizing Marketing Analytics with the Data Engineering Cloud

Modern marketers are at the crossroads of combining the power of data with human creativity. By blending both...

Four Keys to Accelerating Modern Data Engineering at Scale with Trifacta

Today’s most transformative innovations have one thing in common — data. As data volumes continue to...

Pushdown Optimization on Snowflake Demo

To learn more about how we deliver intelligent, scalable data transformations with Pushdown Optimization on...

Data Modernization in the Real-World with Trifacta

Public health and safety are paramount for any government organization, especially during recent times of a...

The Modern Data Management Platform: Unifying the Data Warehouse and the Data Lake

Recent TDWI research conducted with organizations that are modernizing their enterprise data architectures...

Trifacta Demo

See our product in action in this walkthrough video demonstrating how you can profile, prepare and pipeline...

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions SPARK Matrix™: Data Quality Tools, 2021

Data quality impacts every corporate initiative imaginable— risk management and governance, regulatory...

How PDPAOLA Transforms Data into Business Insights with Google Cloud Dataprep

Learn more about how PDPAOLA stands out in a crowded eCommerce market with Google Cloud Dataprep by Trifacta...

Ventana Research Analyst Perspective:
Why Your Data Lake Needs Bad Data

Everyone knows it’s important to keep data clean, accurate, and updated. While good data quality is always...

The Trifacta Data Engineering Cloud: How It Works

An open, intelligent, self-service...

Transform Your Data and Your Business in Six Steps with the Trifacta Data Engineering Cloud

If you’re a data engineer, scientist, or analyst, you’re likely looking for ways to make data consumable...