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451 Research Market Insight Report: Trifacta Wrangles a Broader Audience with Trifacta Data Engineering Cloud

While self-service data preparation has long served as Trifacta’s core competency, our scope has expanded...

TDWI Best Practices Report for Q2 2021: Building the Unified Data Warehouse and Data Lake

Data warehouses or data lakes used to be the only options for organizing massive volumes of analytics data....

How ABN Amro uses Trifacta to improve productivity

ABN AMRO has a clear and bold purpose: banking for better for generations to come. By leveraging modern...

What is Dataprep? Find out in this #GCPSketchnote

What is Dataprep? Find out in this #GCPSketchnote by The Cloud...

How Trifacta Fits into the USAF VAULT Platform

 The United States Air Force (USAF) works with a diversity and scale of data that most organizations can...

Sechs Kernaktivitäten beim Data-Wrangling

Excel ist ein starkes, von uns allen geliebtes Tool. Es ist dennoch zur Datenvorbereitung höchst ungeeignet...

Tired vs. Wired: Data Transformation with Spreadsheets vs. Data Preparation with Trifacta

Still relying on spreadsheets to prepare data for today’s advanced data acquisition, analytics, and machine...

Dive Deeper into Google Cloud Dataprep by Trifacta and How it Accelerates Analytics

During this session, attendees learned how Cloud Dataprep allows you to: Quickly understand, clean,...

Google Cloud Dataprep by Trifacta Security Framework

Google Cloud Dataprep by Trifacta is architected with data security in mind. Dataprep translates...

Trifacta Security Corporate Program

At Trifacta, we understand that data security can’t be an afterthought. We’ve baked robust security...

The Data Preparation Market Study that All Data Engineers Need

In its 2021 Data Preparation Market Study, Dresner Advisory Services surveyed a diverse cross-section of...

Let’s Connect! What’s New in Trifacta’s Winter ’21 Release

We’ve been busy so far in 2021 getting new features into Trifacta that we are excited to show you. Our...