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Professional Services

Faster Time-to-ROI

Accelerate the rollout and adoption of your data preparation solution with
Trifacta Customer Success Services

Thousands enterprises around the world rely on Trifacta to streamline and accelerate the data preparation process. To ensure success for every client, Trifacta offers professional services that help teams develop use cases, customize deployments and increase end user adoption.

We combine a proven repeatable methodology with experienced data engineers and scientists to maximize the benefits of your Trifacta rollout.

Our services help your team to:
  • Expedite your data preparation 
 rollout, in the cloud or on-
 premises in your own data center
  • Deploy Trifacta into your existing 
 data architecture without 
  • Get uses cases into production in 
 just a few days — not weeks or 
  • Achieve return-on-investment 
 (ROI) faster
Our Professional Services include:​​​​​​​
  • Trifacta Center of Excellence
  • Customer Success Services
  • Training and Certification
  • Wrangler-for-Hire
  • Trifacta Community
  • Support

Trifacta Center of Excellence

Build a Center of Excellence for your Trifacta solution

Enterprise-wide data preparation creates transformational business benefits. When companies scale Trifacta to hundreds of projects, they experience massive efficiency gains and cost savings. A Trifacta Center of Excellence helps you reach these goals.

Trifacta CoE Methodology

The Trifacta Center of Excellence (COE) Acceleration program provides onboarding and installation, best practices, training, and support to expand big data adoption and data preparation within the enterprise. Customers can expect to get the hands-on training and expert guidance required to build a COE that serves their entire enterprise.

CoE Maturity Model

Our dedicated technical account managers, data scientists, architects, and product experts will help you build and maintain top-tier, enterprise-wide resources for training and supporting your future crop of data preparation experts.​​​​​​​

We start with an initial assessment and capability discovery of your data preparation and management strategy, and create recommendations based on team feedback and discussion.


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The customer success team was right there willing to work with us and help us understand how we might translate the logic we already built into a Trifacta wrangle script that would be more usable, more robust, and a lot more resilient.
Gina Davis
Vice President of Professional Services | NationBuilder

Customer Success Services

Trifacta Customer Success Services are available to every customer for customized deployment, training, and use case acceleration. Our team of data engineers, data scientists, and data analysts will fast-track every engagement to help achieve value quickly. This includes Training & Certification for your entire team as well as optional Wrangler for Hire.

Training & Certification

Training & Certification programs are available to all of our customers. In addition to taking our online, self-directed training and certification programs, Wrangler Enterprise customers will receive on-site, hands-on workshops, expert sessions, roadmap reviews, and more. Our goal is to help every Trifacta user become fully self-sufficient for the use cases they’re building today or plan to build in the future.

Trifacta Success Blocks

Looking for additional help to build out use cases, provide additional training, or streamline your onboarding? We now offer a Wrangler-for-Hire service in which we will have an experienced coach data analyst work onsite with your team to customize and accelerate Trifacta uptake.

Basic Success Included
Core Success 10% of Subscription*
Enterprise Success 20% of Subscription*
Quickstart Customer Onboarding Basic Success Included 
 Core Success 10% of Subscription* Included Enterprise Success 20% of Subscription* Included
Support Portal for Support Tickets

Community and KB access

Target Intentional response time (P1)

Business Contacts

Support Hotline
Basic Success Included Yes


1 Business Day


Core Success 10% of Subscription* Yes


8 hr
3 Business Contacts

Business Hours
Enterprise Success 20% of Subscription* Yes

4 hr

5 Business Contacts

24x5 Hotline
CSM Customer Success Manager

Executive Business Review

Center of Excellence
Basic Success Included Virtual CSM

Core Success 10% of Subscription* Pooled CSM

Usage Scorecard

Enterprise Success 20% of Subscription* Named CSM
Qrtly EBR/Usage Scoreboard

COE Assessment
Wrangler Desk Wrangler Training

Workshop/Use case build

Wrangler Desk
Basic Success Included Online Training

Core Success 10% of Subscription* Annual Basic + Adv Training

Annual Workshop

6 hours/month
Enterprise Success 20% of Subscription* Qtrly Instructor Basic + Adv Training

Qtrly Workshop

20 hours/month
Installing & Tuning Installation assistance

Infrastructure Optimization

Architecture Assessment

Upgrade Support
Basic Success Included Community


Core Success 10% of Subscription* Yes



Annual Review
Enterprise Success 20% of Subscription* Yes



Per Release Review
Product Feedback Customer Roadmap webinars

Product feedback sessions

Customer Advisory Board
Basic Success Included Public


Core Success 10% of Subscription* Public


Enterprise Success 20% of Subscription* Private per release

Private per release


* Must meet Quickstart payment requirement of $20K EE, $5K Pro
** Minimum Enterprise Success subscription of $30K/yr