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Wrangler helps data analysts clean and prepare messy, diverse data more quickly and accurately. Simply import your datasets to Wrangler and the application will automatically begin to organize and structure your data. Wrangler’s machine learning algorithms will even help you to prepare your data by suggesting common transformations and aggregations. When you’re happy with your wrangled dataset, you can export the file to be used for data initiatives like data visualization or machine learning.

Six Core Data Wrangling Activities

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Wrangler Overview

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Principles of Data Wrangling

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Messy Data Accepted

JSON, raw CSV and Excel files can all be ingested with Wrangler. Trifacta Wrangler Pro and Enterprise also accept HDFS, Redshift, S3 and other data sources. After a file is imported, Wrangler automatically begins to categorize and structure your data. Even nested data or non-standardized Excel files can be wrangled… something smarter here. After you’ve cleaned and prepared your data, you can export it to be used in your favorite BI tool for presentations.


Discover and Understand Your Data

Wrangler automatically profiles your data. The quality bar shows what percent of your rows have missing, mismatching, or inconsistent values. Histograms give you a sense of your data’s distribution to provide instant insight into your data quality. Wrangler also visually categorizes your data by data type — date/time, string, IP address, etc. — so you know what type of data you’re working with.

Clean and Enrich Your Data

Need to split out date/time stamps into multiple columns, convert columns from one data type to another, or perform aggregations? Wrangler’s award-winning transformer makes it simple and intuitive. Highlight the data you want to transform and Wrangler will offer suggestions to split columns, add, delete or change values. Auto-complete makes it easy to use transformations such as JOIN, IF/THEN, COUNT, and more.

Reuse Recipes and Collaborate

Wrangler records every step of the transformation process. The result is what we call a recipe. With Wrangler, you can save, modify, re-order, and re-use recipes on new and updated datasets. With Trifacta Pro and Enterprise, you can easily collaborate with your team by sharing recipes with your colleagues.

What Wrangler Users Are Saying

My research requires me to deal with data in a wide variety of formats and structures. With Trifacta, our team can leverage a highly visual and intelligent product to accelerate the preparation of this data for the analytic initiatives of our primate conservation and behavioral research.

Trifacta Wrangler presents an exciting new approach that empowers data scientists and analysts to explore and transform data for broader interpretation and visualization.

KlearSky uses Trifacta Wrangler to standardize, enrich, and clean data for clients in the performing and visual arts like the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the Steppenwolf Theatre Company, and the Lyric Opera of Chicago.


Is my data safe?
Yes. Wrangler never modifies your source data. Instead, the transformations and recipes you create will help you produce a new file with your wrangled data. Also, with Wrangler, your data remains on your desktop; an internet connection is required to help us learn what kinds of transformations our customers need, which helps us build new editions of free Wrangler.
What data formats does it support?
Wrangler supports the following file types: CSV, JSON, TXT, Excel formats, and Tableau Data Extract
Is it really free?
Yes, Trifacta Wrangler is free - forever!
Can I reuse and share my recipes?
With the free Wrangler edition, you can re-use your recipes on multiple datasets, which saves you time having to re-wrangle data. Collaboration and sharing are available on our Pro and Enterprise editions.

Technical Specs

  • CSV
  • JSON
  • TXT
  • Excel formats – XLS, XLSX
  • Tableau Data Extract
Operating Systems:
  • Windows 7 or later
  • OSX 10.10 or later

Hybrid desktop application. The application is installed on a user’s computer but requires a internet connection for use.

  • Data locality
  • SSL

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