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A Breakthrough Approach to Data Preparation

One Platform, Three Editions, Infinite Possibilities

Trifacta empowers anyone to explore, assess and refine data for analysis. The three different editions of our platform allow you to choose the right option to meet the size and scale of your data preparation initiative.


Connect to any data: Access the data you need to prepare wherever it lives

Visually explore: Immediately gain an understanding for the content & quality of your data

Interactively transform: Intelligent guidance and interactive feedback on the impact of every preparation task

Schedule and run: Operationalize data preparation workflows for repeated use.

Publish: Select from a wide range of data repositories and applications to publish data cleaned in Trifacta.

Monitor: Continuous auditing of results and lineage for complete assurance.

Optimized for the Cloud

Seamless data preparation across any cloud, hybrid or multi-cloud environment.

Trifacta makes any data understandable and useful for analysis, no matter where it lives or how it is consumed. Top-level partnerships across the leading cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, ensure we can support data preparation workloads across any environment.


Faster and more intuitive data preparation for individuals

This free cloud service helps data analysts clean and prepare messy data as fast and accurately as possible. As soon as you import datasets to Wrangler, it begins to organize and structure your data automatically. Wrangler will then suggest common transformations and aggregations. When you’re happy with the resulting dataset, export the file for any data initiative.

Free Wrangler

Wrangler Pro

Cloud-enabled data preparation for teams & departments

Many projects require more than one data analyst to get the job done. Teams must work with diverse data in parallel, automate processes and publish their work to the right applications. With Wrangler Pro, your team can connect to more data, schedule workflows and share their work with colleagues within a managed cloud platform.

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Wrangler Enterprise

Scalable, secure platform to handle any data preparation initiative

Large enterprise organizations need a single version of the truth to move quickly in competitive markets. But the data that informs key decisions comes in all shapes and sizes. It must be cleaned, structured and joined together before any analysis takes place. Traditional ETL, spreadsheet and scripting approaches cannot keep pace with growing demand for data preparation solutions. Wrangler Enterprise interoperates with existing data investments, giving analyst teams the ability explore and transform data while IT leaders maintain centralized management of security, governance and operationalization.

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