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What is Data Preparation?

Successful analysis relies upon accurate, well-structured data that has been formatted for the specific task at hand. Yet, today’s data is messier and more complex than ever before. It’s time-consuming and technically challenging to wrangle it into a format for analysis. Data preparation is the process you must undergo to transition raw data source inputs into prepared outputs to be utilized in analysis, reporting and data science.


Optimized for the Cloud

Seamless data preparation across any cloud, hybrid or multi-cloud environment.
Trifacta makes any data understandable and useful for analysis, no matter where it lives or how it is consumed. Top-level partnerships across the leading cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Snowflake and Databricks, insure we can support data preparation workloads across any environment.


Interactive Data Quality

Trifacta presents automated visual representations of data based upon its content in the most compelling visual profile. In addition, every profile is completely interactive, allowing the user to simply select certain elements of the profile to prompt transformation suggestions.
Detailed visual representations allow for deeper data exploration, providing an automatic understanding of the data at its most granular level. Outliers and invalid data are easy to identify and correct, preventing faulty data from impacting downstream analytics, and ongoing monitoring and management of data quality means no bad data enters your analytics platforms.


Predictive Transformation

Every click, drag or select within Trifacta leads to a prediction–the system intelligently assesses the data at hand to recommend a ranked list of suggested transformations with real time previews of each transformation for users to evaluate or edit.
Unlike any other data preparation product, Trifacta empowers users to do more with their data by constantly guiding them through the process using intelligent suggestions powered by machine learning.


Self-service Data Pipelines

Manual, repetitive data preprepartion processes don’t scale. At the same time, most automation tools are intended for IT audiences with highly technical backgrounds.
Trifacta empowers you to build data preparation workflows at scale with clicks not code, and helps you deploy and manage self-service data pipelines in minutes not months.


See How Trifacta Solves Your Analytics Needs

Reporting and Analytics

Accelerate reporting and analytics projects with self-service data preparation.

Machine Learning and Data Science

Remove the bottleneck of feature engineering & data cleaning for ML initiatives.

Data Products and Services

Automate Integrating messy files to a fixed schema or application.