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Why Trifacta

Why Trifacta
Why Trifacta Wrangler

Data today is messy and diverse

Accurate and efficient data preparation sets the stage for deep insights. Only Trifacta empowers anyone—analysts, engineers and scientists—to prepare any data, wherever it’s found. Since the beginning, these principles have guided development of our platform:

#1 in Data Wranglers

The Trifacta platform has seen unmatched adoption, with usage in over 173 countries that amounts to over 75,000 users at 20,000 companies using Trifacta directly or through partners. Widespread usage allows us to constantly improve our product by providing more accurate machine learning guidance to users. From enterprise customers to individual users, we’re excited to solve the diverse data wrangling challenges that today’s organizations face.

Invented Self-Service Data Preparation

Our roots are in cutting-edge research at Stanford and UC Berkeley, which led to the creation of the first self-service data preparation tool, DataWrangler. Since then, we’ve continuously innovated to provide the absolute best data wrangling solution for customers regardless of the shape, size or location of their data.

A breakthrough approach, start to finish

Trifacta has reimagined how to make data useful for everyone who depends on it. Four main features set Trifacta Wrangler apart from other solutions.

Interactive Exploration

Trifacta presents automated visual representations of data based upon its content in the most compelling visual profile. In addition, every profile is completely interactive, allowing the user to simply select certain elements of the profile to prompt transformation suggestions.

Detailed visual representations allow for deeper data exploration, providing an automatic understanding of the data at its most granular level. Outliers and invalid data are easy to identify and correct, preventing faulty data from impacting downstream analytics.

Predictive Transformation

Every click, drag or select within Trifacta leads to a prediction—the system intelligently assesses the data at hand to recommend a ranked list of suggested transformations for users to evaluate or edit.

Unlike any other data preparation product, Trifacta empowers non-technical users to do more with their data by constantly guiding them through the process using intelligent suggestions powered by machine learning.

Intelligent Execution

Every wrangling step defined by the user is tracked and automatically compiled down into the appropriate processing framework, whether that’s with in-memory processing via Trifacta’s Photon engine or parallel processing frameworks such as Spark, MapReduce or Dataflow.

Users can expect best-fit execution based upon the scale of their data and types of transformations for unrivaled performance. Additionally, this selection is all done behind the scenes, abstracting the user from the underlying execution framework and optimizing for end-to-end efficiency.

Collaborative Data Governance

Trifacta provides extensive support for open source and vendor-specific security, metadata management and governance frameworks, providing a grassroots approach to how organizations have visibility and administration over the data wrangling analysts are performing.

In enterprise deployments, the ability of data wrangling solutions to interoperate with existing frameworks is critical to the ease of deployment and administration of customers and also doesn’t introduce another separate security framework for them to manage. Maintaining governance while empowering users is a critical attribute of enterprise data wrangling solutions.