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What’s New

Highlights of the newly available features in Trifacta


Accelerate on-boarding for external data

RapidTarget enables users to import a downstream data model their data needs to conform to in order to use the constraints of that model to inform their transformation process. Within the transformer, Trifacta applies data validation and transformation suggestions to help users align the source dataset with the target destination schema. Available in Wrangler Pro & Enterprise only.

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Define dataset attributes for repeatable workflows

Automator allows you to specify what input data you want Trifacta to use each time a job is run. This is especially critical when you have repeated job runs scheduled within your environment. In Trifacta, you can now use three new features when defining your file paths – date time parameters and variable. Available in Wrangler Pro & Enterprise only.

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New Navigation & User Onboarding

Get productive in Trifacta faster

We’ve completed a design refresh across the application to make getting your work done in Trifacta faster and more intuitive. A new Home page provides a quick access point to the most common tasks in the product such as recently created flows and jobs run. For new users, there is an updating onboarding tour providing an end-to-end walkthrough of how to prepare a dataset in Trifacta. Available across all editions.

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