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How the Data Engineering Cloud Works

An open, intelligent, and self-service approach to data engineering


Trifacta improves the speed, quality and scale of building and automating data preparation workflows. Instead of a mapping-based ETL paradigm, Trifacta users are able to interactively assess data quality and leverage intelligent suggestions to accelerate data cleaning and transformation. Trifacta’s cloud-based architecture provides elastic scale, integrated security and intuitive collaboration.


Connect to Any Data: Access the data you need to prepare wherever it lives. Trifacta supports a wide variety of cloud data lakes, data warehouses, applications and file systems.

Explore and Assess: Interactive data quality gives immediate, interactive context and guidance for the content and quality of your data, making it easy to identify and fix erroneous data.

Clean and Transform: Visual guidance, machine learning, and interactive feedback guide users to interactively experiment, preview, and apply powerful data transformations.

Get Results: Create your output data and publish to data lakes, data warehouses, files, or straight to applications, at any scale and volume of data.

Automate: Operationalize your data transformation workflows and automate for continuous value. Trifacta makes creating self-service data pipelines easy.

Share and Collaborate: Trifacta is a cloud-based platform accessed through the browser. Share work in Trifacta with colleagues and see the full history and lineage of your data over time.

#1 in Cloud Data Prep

Trifacta is the only cloud native data preparation product. The platform integrates with a growing variety of services in the leading cloud platforms as well as fast-growing technologies that run across clouds such as Snowflake and Databricks. Users leverage a common user experience with common metadata that seamlessly interoperates across cloud environments.

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A Modern Approach

A modern approach to modern challenges. Instead of ETL-ing data from relational databases to relational warehouses, a new order of operations has emerged for wrangling data – ELT. Data is loaded into a cloud data lake or data warehouse, where the business teams can now pick it up and explore its contents, prepare it for use and automate the workflow. No more reliance on IT to do the data transformation work. Agile development is replacing the waterfall.


Agility through Collaboration

By leveraging the cloud, Trifacta users are able to take a far more agile approach to preparing and cleaning data. Instead of sending requirements or excel sheets back and forth over email, users can collaborate live within the Trifacta platform, building off of each other’s work and creating better, faster results.


Who is Trifacta for?

Analytics Executives

Assess and monitor data of all shapes and sizes, so you can follow through on strategic initiatives.

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IT Leaders

Curate information for people who know the data best, while ensuring security and compliance.

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Data Analysts & Engineers

Work faster and smarter with powerful data preparation tools that remove bottlenecks and encourage collaboration.

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