We architected Trifacta with the future in mind

An Intelligent Platform that Interoperates with Your Data Investments

Trifacta sits between the data storage and processing environments and the visualization, statistical or machine learning tools used downstream. The platform is architected to be open and adaptable so as the technologies upstream and downstream change, the investments and logic created in Trifacta are able to utilize those innovations.


Analytics & Visualization


Apps & Databases


Statistics & Prediction

Data Security & Administration
Publishing & Access Framework
Core Data Wrangling User Experience
Wrangle Language
Intelligence & Context
Any Scale Data Processing
Metadata Management
Connectivity Framework

Data Sources

Wrangle Once, Use Everywhere

The wrangling logic created in Trifacta can be leveraged across a growing spectrum of supported data platforms. Users leverage a common user experience with common metadata that is seamless across data platforms.



As the pace of innovation continues to accelerate, Trifacta’s architecture allows us to quickly pick up and integrate with the latest technologies that gain popularity in the market and open source community.


The #1 Data Wrangling Platform for Individuals, Teams & Enterprises

Whether you are working with small files, a variety of departmental sources, or diverse data across the enterprise, Trifacta Wrangler, Wrangler Pro and Wrangler Enterprise provide a range of options for your data project.

Data Wrangling for Individuals

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Data Wrangling for Teams

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Data Wrangling for Organizations

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