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The Data Engineering Cloud

From Raw Data to Usable, Valuable Data


Open, Intelligent, Collaborative.

Trifacta is an intelligent, collaborative, visual data engineering cloud platform to transform data, ensure quality, and automate data pipelines at any scale. Using a self-service approach, you can assess, profile, qualify, validate high-quality data to gain advanced insights and intelligent analytics. Trifacta democratizes data and enables sharing and collaboration. With its built-in collaborative capabilities, the Trifacta Data Engineering Cloud empowers sharing across teams to accelerate innovation.

Using a flexible low-code or no-code approach, you can experience the immediate impact of your work with live and continuous validation. The Trifacta data engineering cloud platform is serverless and enables the modern data stack, facilitating modern architectures including the unified cloud data warehouse and data lake, and the transition from ETL to ELT. With support for best-in-class security and governance standards, you can track and manage your data across projects with built-in authentication, authorization, and encryption catering to the highest of regulatory requirements.


What is Data Engineering?

Data Engineering is a discipline to transform raw data, assess, validate quality, and deliver usable data. Effective data engineering enables effective business outcomes through advanced insights and analytics.


Why is Data Engineering Relevant Today?

In the last decade, the consumption of data increased by ~5,000% from 1.2 trillion gigabytes to 59 trillion gigabytes. The value of data engineering is to enable consumption of clean, valuable data, emphasizing its relevance.


How it works

The Trifacta Data Engineering Cloud uses an open, intelligent, self-service, and collaborative approach to transform messy data into usable, valuable data. You can connect to your data on any source supporting a range of use cases. Trifacta then learns and assesses distributions and patterns in your data to automatically profile and identify accuracies and anomalies. Using advanced techniques and adaptive quality rules, Trifacta helps you correct these anomalies giving you a preview before you can commit changes. You can then automate and orchestrate robust data pipelines on a regular schedule. The Trifacta Data Engineering Cloud enables the modern data stack and helps the movement of data from traditional ETL to modern ELT architectures leveraging the cloud for agility, scale, and adaptability.

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