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Launching More Ways to Wrangle on AWS

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New Features Now Live in Wrangler!

We just updated Wrangler, our completely free downloadable application, and are excited to share how this new... more

  |  November 27, 2017

Bringing a Whole New World of Connectivity to Wrangler Edge & Enterprise

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be highlighting some of the latest features we’ve added to our Edge and... more

  |  November 13, 2017

Wrangling JSON Metadata via Un-Nesting

JSON is a popular file format used to store unstructured content. Many popular databases use JSON to, for... more

  |  October 27, 2017

Google Launches Public Beta of Cloud Dataprep, Built in Collaboration With Trifacta

Google recently announced that Google Cloud Dataprep—the new managed data wrangling service developed in... more

  |  September 21, 2017

When data gets big: Best practices for data preparation at scale

This article was originally published on SD Times.  Today we work with data that has grown up in diversity,... more

  |  July 10, 2017

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Best-of-Breed Data Cataloging and Data Wrangling: A Match Made in Heaven

At Trifacta, we’re focused on data wrangling, or the process of converting diverse, raw, messy data into a... more

  |  June 8, 2017

Visualizing Multi-Dataset Wrangling with Flows

In the latest release of Trifacta, we’ve introduced a new interface for managing relationships across your... more

  |  May 25, 2017

From Exploration to Production – Unboxing the Spring ’17 Release of Wrangler Enterprise

With the latest release of Wrangler Enterprise, our team drew upon our experience working with large-scale... more

  |  May 24, 2017

New Features in Wrangler – Flow View, Natural Language, Column Menus & More

A few months after our last update to Wrangler, we are back with another release. This latest update to... more

  |  April 26, 2017

New Year, New Wrangler

Quite a bit has happened since the initial launch of Trifacta Wrangler in 2015. From a Data Science Masters... more

  |  January 26, 2017

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Taking Data Wrangling to the Edge

With the official launch of Wrangler Edge, today marks an exciting point in time for our team at Trifacta as... more

  |  November 1, 2016

Delivering Truly Self-Service Data Connectivity in v4

Connecting to data is a fundamental feature of all data tools, which is why we’ve increased the range of... more

  |  September 30, 2016

Designing with the User In Mind: The v4 Wrangling Experience

At Trifacta, we’re committed to making deep investments in the user experience, empowering those who know... more

  |  September 22, 2016

Our Most Significant Release Yet for Any User, Any Data and Any Cloud

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of Trifacta v4, which marks a huge step forward in our... more

  |  September 20, 2016

Introducing the Photon Compute Framework: Powering a Rich User Experience for Data Wrangling

Today, we’re used to receiving feedback fast. Google delivers millions of search results in under a second.... more

  |  March 29, 2016

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New Features in Trifacta Wrangler

Today we are excited to introduce to you a new round of updates to Trifacta Wrangler! One of the benefits of... more

  |  March 3, 2016

Data Wrangling to the People

I still remember the first time I saw Data Wrangler, Trifacta CTO Sean Kandel’s graduate research project... more

  |  October 19, 2015

Enterprise Data Governance for Data Wrangling in Trifacta v3

Over the past few days, my colleagues have used this space to describe Trifacta v3, the most important... more

  |  September 25, 2015