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Trifacta and Zoomdata

Zoomdata’s strategic partnership with Trifacta brings together the two best-of-breed technologies for Big Data visualization/analytics and data transformation. Trifacta’s data wrangling solution enables Zoomdata users to more effectively transform raw data in Hadoop for immediate visualization and dash-boarding, leveraging the Zoomdata’s Micro-query/data sharpening technology.

Trifacta’s Predictive Interaction™ and Visual Data Profiling technology brings data analysts, data scientists and IT administrators more productivity in working with diverse data sources by providing a more efficient platform for cleansing and preparing data prior to dash-boarding and analytics in ZoomData.

Zoomdata and Trifacta’s partnership certifies ongoing integration and joint development between the two companies.

Partner Snapshot

Zoomdata is the leading provider of Next Generation Big Data Analytics software to Global 1000 enterprises.  The Zoomdata interface allows users to easily Connect, Visualize, and Interact with data on browsers and mobile devices.  Once deployed, users are able to create interactive D3.js based dashboards, fuse disparate data sources from across the enterprise into a single user experience and create a corporate data quilt that lets business users collaborate on the data that drives their business.  Zoomdata is privately held, with headquarters in Reston, VA.  For more information, please visit: