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Waterline Data


Trifacta and Waterline Data

Waterline Data’s strategic partnership with Trifacta brings together the two best-of-breed technologies for data discovery and data transformation. Trifacta’s Data Transformation Platform enables Waterline Data users to more effectively transform raw data in Hadoop for indexing, tagging and lineage tracking in Waterline Data Inventory.

Trifacta’s Data Transformation Platform brings data analysts, data scientists and IT administrators more productivity in working with diverse data sources by providing a more efficient platform for cleansing and preparing data prior to cataloging in Waterline Data.

Waterline Data and Trifacta’s partnership certifies ongoing integration and joint development between the two companies.

Partner Snapshot

Waterline Data empowers business analysts and data scientists to find, understand, and provision the trusted data they need to do self-service data preparation and analytics. Waterline Data also enables data stewards to curate the data catalog in an agile approach. Waterline Data brings trusted data to the “waterline”, so it can be used to extract insight and create greater value.

Waterline Data first catalogs all data in Hadoop automatically. It then enables users to find, understand, and provision the data for use in data prep or analytics tools. Lastly, Waterline Data enables data governance throughout the process by discovering data lineage, managing metadata, and enforcing access control.