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Sumo Logic


Trifacta and Sumo Logic

The joint solution from Trifacta and Sumo Logic enables organizations to quickly integrate and enrich machine generated data with data from business applications (e.g. Salesforce, Marketo) and other internal and external data repositories. The ability to bring together new and diverse combinations of data delivers more impactful insights that drive operational and strategic decisions.

As IoT-generated data becomes more pervasive, this partnership opens Trifacta to new users and use cases that have increasing business impact. The partnership enables users to better prepare and analyze the huge volumes of data from interconnected devices. Companies using Sumo Logic to monitor and troubleshoot IoT devices can leverage the Trifacta integration to better prepare that data with other diverse data across their business.

With the combined solution from Sumo Logic and Trifacta, business leaders gain a more comprehensive view of their digital business.

Partner Snapshot

Sumo Logic is a cloud machine data analytics and monitoring solution for log management and time series metrics used by IT, Security and Development teams across all customer sizes. Sumo Logic enables companies to gain real-time operational and security insights for continuous Intelligence.

Sumologic helps accelerate development, testing, & deployment of applications, enables DevOps to proactively identify and fix performance issues. Sumo Logic can detect, and gives the opportunity to investigate and respond to security issues instantly while ensuring compliance with HIPAA, PCI, GDPR and much more.