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Trifacta and StreamSets

StreamSets and Trifacta are natural complementary partners. StreamSets is a modern data ingestion solution that is independent of underlying data schemas and applies validation to the data as it is processed in real-time or batch to downstream systems. StreamSets manages performance dynamically based upon SLAs. This perfectly fits the requirements of a data lake architecture where Trifacta shifts the process of manipulating data from IT to a business end users.

The partnership between Trifacta & StreamSets includes integration and solution collaboration.

Partner Snapshot

StreamSets addresses the growing challenge of managing data in motion in a world marked by constant change, from data sources to data processing infrastructure and the data itself. StreamSets was created to re-envision the management of data flows from the ground up, avoiding the pitfalls of legacy offerings and enabling a new way to manage data in motion.


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