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Trifacta and Snowflake

Organizations in every industry are moving their data management and analytics to the cloud. The rise of technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, and the cost efficiency, flexibility, and self-service data democratization enabled by cloud platforms, is propelling a move to scalable, zero-management cloud data warehouses like Snowflake. As cloud platforms continue to improve flexibility and scale, organizations need a modern, self-service approach to preparing data natively in the cloud to keep up with the demands for differentiated data.

The integration of Trifacta with Snowflake enables organizations to reduce the time to insights. Trifacta’s Cloud Data Preparation platform empowers data professionals of all backgrounds to access data in Snowflake, and prepare and publish clean data back into Snowflake for analysis. This allows them to focus more time and resources on actually gaining insights and deriving real value from their data.