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DataRobot and Trifacta

Trifacta and DataRobot

Trifacta and Datarobot’s partnership enables organizations to scale their data wrangling and machine learning processes by making them more intuitive and efficient. This integration dramatically accelerates the delivery of predictive analytics initiatives while creating a cost-effective data science process that is inclusive of all business stakeholders, not just data scientists. This enables enterprises to execute machine learning on a broader array of data much faster than previously possible leveraging legacy or exclusively code-based solutions.

By leveraging Trifacta and DataRobot as part of an integrated modern analytics platform, organizations can remove the bottleneck of data wrangling in executing machine learning at scale across their business.

The relationship between DataRobot and Trifacta includes joint development certification and solution development.

Partner Snapshot

Datarobot is the world’s most advanced enterprise machine learning automation platform for data scientists of all skill levels. It automates the entire modeling lifecycle, enabling users to quickly and easily build highly accurate predictive models. DataRobot captures the knowledge, experience and best practices of the world’s leading data scientists, delivering unmatched levels of automation and ease-of-use for machine learning initiatives.


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See how self-service data preparation and machine learning modeling using the combination of Trifacta and DataRobot’s to predict customer default loan payments.

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