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Trifacta and Bardess

Trifacta and Bardess have a strong partnership dedicated to delivering customers the best data preparation products and services. Bardess is a respected consulting company with a very strong data quality and analytics practice that make their firm a leading partner for Trifacta because they perfectly understand how effective data preparation is critical to sound decision-making. Bardess augments its data quality, BI, and Big Data practices with Trifacta’s data preparation products to always offer their customers the best solutions available.

Bardess clients can now leverage Trifacta’s self-service data preparation solutions for exploring and transforming data – a critical step in any analytics process. Leveraging Bardess’ expertise in Trifacta, business analysts and data scientists can integrate and intuitively transform diverse, complex data sets for enterprise-wide visualization and analysis.

Partner Snapshot

Bardess Group is dedicated to providing project-based Management Consulting services for major corporations. Bardess employs only senior professionals with both functional and industry experience and has a strong focus in Data Quality and Business Intelligence. Bardess understands where to find data, how to use data, how to cleanse and maintain data, and how to turn data into useful information for measuring corporate performance and gaining a competitive advantage.