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Trifacta and Alation

Alation and Trifacta bring together the best-of-breed technologies for data cataloging and data manipulation. Trifacta Wrangler Enterprise’s unique user experience enables Alation users to acquire the appropriate context of the data to turn it into a consumable asset.

Trifacta’s self-service data preparation solution brings data exploration and transformation to data professionals’ fingertips. Leveraging Trifacta’s integration with Alation, business analysts and data scientists can more rapidly and with confidence identify the data they need and intuitively transform it in a format ready for analysis.

The Trifacta-Alation partnership is strategic including product integration in the form of an unified solution for self-service data discovery and preparation.

Joint customers eBay, MarketShare and Munich Re adopt both Alation and Trifacta as key components of their analytics initiatives.


Partner Snapshot

Alation’s enterprise collaborative data platform empowers employees inside of data-driven enterprises to find, understand, and use the right data for better, faster business decisions. Alation combines the power of machine learning with human insight to automatically capture information about what the data describes, where the data comes from, who’s using it and how it’s used.