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Trifacta Introduces Wrangler Edge for Analyst Teams, Driven by Mass Adoption of Free Wrangler Desktop Edition

Logo_Stacked_Color_smallNew offering brings advanced self-service data preparation to teams and departments, complementing free and enterprise editions

San Francisco – November 1, 2016Trifacta, the global leader in data wrangling and data preparation, today announced the launch of Wrangler Edge,* a new offering designed for analyst teams wrangling diverse data outside of big data environments. Since its introduction in late 2015, Trifacta’s free desktop edition, Wrangler, has seen broad adoption with more than 4,000 companies in 132 countries using Wrangler to explore, transform and join diverse data for analysis. Wrangler Edge is designed to enhance the functionality of the free Wrangler desktop edition with support for multiple users, larger data volumes, broader connectivity, cloud and on-premise deployment options and the ability to schedule and operationalize wrangling workflows.

“Wrangler adoption over the past 12 months has been phenomenal,” said Adam Wilson, CEO, Trifacta. “With Wrangler Edge, we’re providing our customers using the free, single-user product with a logical upgrade path, enabling teams and departments to collaborate in preparing larger, more complex data sets. Wrangler Edge also allows us to respond to the needs of customers who want the rich set of capabilities found in our enterprise product, but may not have Hadoop, or an enterprise data lake.”

With the addition of Wrangler Edge, Trifacta complements the existing Wrangler and Wrangler Enterprise editions by offering a comprehensive set of data wrangling solutions tailored to fit the diverse scale and deployment needs of organizations.

  • Wrangler: Individual users can get started quickly and prepare diverse files on their desktop for free.
  • Wrangler Edge: Analyst teams can work together to wrangle hundreds of gigabytes of data from diverse sources.
  • Wrangler Enterprise: Organizations can achieve unlimited scalability while centralizing the administration and governance of data, as it’s refined for use throughout the enterprise.

Regardless of edition, Trifacta’s innovative approach to data prep is available across every environment through a consistent user experience powered by machine learning that automates many of the complex and repetitive tasks required to ensure data is fit for analysis. Trifacta’s Intelligent Execution architecture also ensures the wrangling recipes created in one edition, work across every edition. This allows organizations to start small and scale their use of Trifacta as they expand their data management practice.

Dating back to the company’s founding research between Stanford and UC Berkeley that led to the creation of the first self-service data preparation tool in DataWrangler, Trifacta has focused on providing the best data wrangling solution for customers regardless of the shape, size or location of their data. With Wrangler Edge, Trifacta more effectively addresses the common data preparation challenges teams and departments face, including wrangling diverse data sources outside of a Hadoop data lake. Wrangler Edge puts Trifacta’s intuitive data wrangling solution into the hands of analysts working on data that lives in flat files, spreadsheets, databases or various systems and do not require the resources of parallel computing platforms.

Key Features of Wrangler Edge:

  • Award-Winning Data Wrangling Experience – Accelerate data preparation utilizing Trifacta’s breakthrough user experience that uniquely combines data visualization, machine learning and human-computer interaction.
  • Leverage a Shared Platform – Gain seamless visibility and collaboration amongst teams using a common platform for data preparation.
  • Flexible Deployment – Access a range of flexible deployment options whether in the cloud or on-premise.
  • Unmatched Performance – Build and execute data wrangling recipes in record time with in-memory processing powered by Photon.
  • Broad Connectivity – Connect to and publish wrangled datasets to a wide range of data formats, databases and analytics tools.
  • Operationalize Wrangling Workflows – Automate wrangling operations that span multiple datasets and recipes for consistent, repeatable outputs.
  • Optimized for Tableau & Qlik – Publish wrangling outputs for interactive data visualization in best-of-breed solutions from Tableau and Qlik.

What customers and partners are saying about the launch of Wrangler Edge:

“We’ve seen success with a number of customers using Trifacta to explore and prepare diverse data in Hadoop for downstream analysis in Tableau. With the launch of Wrangler Edge, we are excited to see Trifacta package their breakthrough data wrangling solution for use outside of Hadoop and believe many Tableau customers will benefit from leveraging Edge for data preparation,” said Varun Saini, vice president of product development, Tableau.

“Every organization faces the inefficiencies of preparing data for analysis using conventional spreadsheet or scripting-based approaches. At AstraZeneca, this pain led many of our analysts to seek out and start using Trifacta’s free Wrangler product for greater efficiency wrangling small desktop files. With the launch of Wrangler Edge, we’re excited to scale out these efforts by providing a common platform for our analyst teams to collaborate and operationalize their data wrangling workflows,” said David Smoley, chief information officer, AstraZeneca.

“I consider Trifacta to be one of the most innovative and user-friendly data wrangling tools on the market, with the potential for use in countless business scenarios. Beyond a fully capable desktop app, we’re excited about the launch of Wrangler Edge adding more powerful computing resources and schedulable jobs. In addition, since building trust in data is a high priority in our analytics environment, having visibility into how data is being transformed and managed across different workflows could be very helpful,” said Kris Zhou, platform strategy manager, Autodesk.

“At Flyspan, we’re building a data analytics platform for the commercial drone industry. Trifacta is invaluable to our data analytics process, allowing us to quickly standardize various data streams from disparate sources. With a common platform that’s incredibly easy to use, we’re able to collaborate and iterate quickly, and ultimately gain a deeper understanding of our data,” said Brock Christoval, founder of Flyspan.

“Our team at Qlik is excited at how the launch of Wrangler Edge will expand upon our partnership with Trifacta to offer a wider breadth of solutions for diverse customer needs and use cases. We are delighted to see that the Trifacta Wrangler family of products now has specific offerings designed to meet the needs of individual users, analyst teams and big data initiatives,” said Mike Foster, vice president of technology alliances, Qlik.

To learn more about Wrangler Edge, sign-up for Trifacta’s webinar with IDC Research on November 15, 2016. Visit Trifacta’s blog to learn more about the launch of Wrangler Edge and download the Wrangler Edge Solution Brief.

To meet with Trifacta team members and see a live demo of Wrangler Edge, visit Trifacta at the Tableau Conference in Austin at booth #507 from November 7-11, 2016. Trifacta will also present at Tableau Conference with customer PepsiCo.

Trifacta at Tableau Conference

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*Note: As of March 1, 2018 Trifacta Wrangler Edge is now referred to as Trifacta Wrangler Pro.

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