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Google Cloud and Trifacta Customers Maximize Cloud Data Engineering Benefits and Increase Revenue With New Dataprep Accelerators

New reference patterns and templates dramatically improve efficiency, ensure consistency, and speed business outcomes

SAN FRANCISCO, October 12, 2021 — Trifacta, the Data Engineering Cloud company and the makers of Google Cloud Dataprep, today announced customers saw record business benefits from their data journey by utilizing newly introduced pre-built accelerators and templates. For example, one company doubled revenue in one year by leveraging these benefits, and another recovered more than $100,000 per month from cart abandonment.

“Recent innovations with cloud-native and serverless technologies such as those from Google Cloud allow data professionals to engineer data products in record time with minimum administration,” said Adam Wilson, CEO at Trifacta. “Self-service solutions such as the Trifacta Data Engineering Cloud have empowered a broad set of subject matter experts and analytic innovators to directly refine raw data and tackle complex data quality challenges on their own. The next wave of innovation in self-service is pre-built accelerators to respond to common analytic and data science use cases.” 

To enable data professionals to get a head start on their data journey and avoid a blank page, Trifacta and Google Cloud have partnered to design Templates and Design Patterns. These pre-designed artifacts and guidelines provide data workers a head start at data wrangling with a solid foundation to achieve their business goals faster.

“We’re excited to expand our collaboration with Trifacta to make it easier and faster than ever for organizations to bring data from all kinds of sources into Google Cloud for storage and analysis,” said Bruno Aziza, Head of Data and Analytics at Google Cloud. “This announcement expands upon our close work with Trifacta spanning data pipelines, ELT, and broad support for BigQuery.”

Customers, such as PDPAOLA, leverage accelerators, including pricing optimization, to deliver blazing-fast business benefits.

“Thanks to a comprehensive approach to monitoring our eCommerce jewelry business, we’ve been reacting dynamically to our pricing and marketing strategy, which resulted in doubling our sales,” Joel Chaparro, Head of Data Analytics at PDPAOLA Jewelry.  “This increase wouldn’t have been possible without Google Cloud’s smart analytics suite and in particular Dataprep by Trifacta, which gives us the ability to combine and standardize our data in a single view in record time.” 

One critical aspect of any data project is to ensure that the data is standardized and consolidated across all channels. This enables a trustworthy source of information within a data lake or a data warehouse and leads to accurate, actionable decisions. With Trifacta templates, users can adopt best practices for industry-specific or functional analytics use cases such as web session eCommerce time-series analysis to accelerate data-driven results. 

To learn more about Dataprep by Trifacta customers’ data journeys, subscribe to the new Google Cloud Data Journey interviews here.