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Hadoop Big Data

Prepare raw, complex data at scale in Hadoop big data ecosystem

The Hadoop big data ecosystem is gaining traction among data-driven organizations. That includes Hadoop, of course, a data storage framework, but added data preparation, data cataloguing, and data visualization applications also make up the Hadoop big data ecosystem, or “data stack.” So, why focus on Hadoop and big data applications now? To start, Hadoop and big data technology has certainly lowered the costs of data management as compared to traditional data warehouses. However, that’s not all—the real impact of Hadoop big data stems from the ability to store more diverse and complex data at great scale. But the real question is; how do organizations provide non-technical analysts with access to Hadoop and big data?

Trifacta Unlocks Hadoop Big Data

Trifacta Wrangler is a user-friendly data wrangling software technology, non-technical users can truly take advantage of Hadoop’s power and agility without a deep understanding of the underlying technology. With automated visual representations and suggested transformations, Trifacta allows analysts to explore and interact with the diverse data sources they previously never had access to, driving deep value out of Hadoop and big data initiatives.
To learn more download the white paper Trifacta Data Wrangling for Hadoop Accelerating Business Adoption While Ensuring Security and Governance.

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