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Wrangle Data in the Cloud with Trifacta on AWS

Wrangle Data in the Cloud with Trifacta on AWS

Trifacta’s data wrangling solutions on AWS enable anyone to more quickly explore and prepare diverse data for use in analytics and machine learning.

Choose from a variety of Trifacta deployment options fully integrated with the AWS ecosystem:
Wrangler Edge is specifically designed to accelerate data wrangling for teams that don’t require the parallel computing power of  Elastic MapReduce. Powered by Trifacta’s in-memory Photon Compute Framework, analysts can collaborate on the process of exploring, structuring and publishing out analysis-ready datasets for faster, more accurate analysis.

  • Trifacta Managed – Leave everything to us. No software/hardware for your team to manage – we’ll configure the environment so all you need to do is start wrangling!
  • Customer ManagedDeploy Trifacta on your own EC2 instance by purchasing Wrangler Edge through the AWS marketplace. Visit our AWS marketplace listing here.

Wrangler Enterprise is designed to handle data wrangling workloads that need to support data at scale and a larger number of end users. With native support for AWS EMR, Wrangler Enterprise provides organizations with a common platform for analyst teams to more efficiently explore and prepare diverse data while maintaining centralized management of security, governance and operationalization.