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How Business Users are Wrangling Data for Competitive Results

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Today’s businesses are faced with figuring out how to deal with an ever-increasing breadth, complexity and importance of new data sources. The rise of social media, IoT, and online interactions/transactions has produced a wealth of valuable new data, yet the majority of it is unfit for traditional tools, such as Excel, because of its volume or semi-structured nature. How can businesses users work with new and traditional data to uncover new insights that deliver serious competitive advantages?

cover-forrester-webinarSelf-service data preparation solutions have arisen to empower analysts to work with these new data sources or new combinations of data in a more efficient and intuitive model. In this recently recorded webinar featuring guest speaker Michele Goetz, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, and Joe Hellerstein, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Trifacta, you’ll discover:

  • Why self-service data preparation has gained popularity and the challenges it solves
  • The range of end user and administrative features of self-service data preparation tools
  • How organizations are executing new analyses or improving existing processes

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