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The Data Preparation Market Study that All Data Engineers Need

Data Preparation Market Study 2021 from Dresner Advisory Services

In its 2021 Data Preparation Market Study, Dresner Advisory Services surveyed a diverse cross-section of 6,000 organizations worldwide to review data preparation market trends, dig deep into end-user requirements and features, and rank 24 vendors.

This comprehensive study explores data preparation’s:

  • Criticality. 63% of organizations viewed data preparation as important, with 65% saying it’s “critical” or “very important”.
  • Ubiquity. 65% of respondents “constantly” or “frequently” make use of data preparation. 
  • Usability. “Save-and-preview” and “automated detection of anomalies” are the top must-have usability features.
  • Flexibility. Industry support is strong for cloud and on-premises deployment and shifting to cloud.