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How Data Preparation is Helping OpenGov More Efficiently Onboard Large Client Data

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OpenGov, a software company that caters to government agencies, onboards new clients by preparing huge volumes of diverse data. In this IDC paper, OpenGov explains the impact of transitioning their data wrangling approach from one that was engineering-driven and time-intensive to leveraging Trifacta Wrangler Pro. Using this data wrangling platform, OpenGov’s customer success team has been able to wrangle data without engineering dependence and dramatically improve overall efficiency.

Download this paper from IDC to learn:

  • How OpenGov receives an ROI of 374% by leveraging data preparation
  • How OpenGov’s customer success team gained more autonomy over its data, freeing up 30% more time for a full-time engineering employee
  • How data transformation and data prep improved productivity for the customer success team by 88%