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Excel is a very powerful tool we all love, however it can be painful for data preparation. If you have to clean, standardize and combine disparate data together in a consistent view to accurately pilot your business, it can be very time consuming and prone to error. 

Check out the Six Core Data Wrangling Activities e-book and break free from the Excel hell to manipulate data and spend your time on the real job. Download now.

""Trifacta brought an entirely new level of productivity to the way our analyst and IT teams explore diverse data and define analytic requirements. Our users can intuitively and collaboratively prepare the growing variety of data that makes up PepsiCo’s analytic initiatives.""

""We were actually able to shave the amount of time it took to do the analysis by [a factor of] six. Rather than having to do a tremendous amount of analysis, we’re actually readily able to start getting incremental data products out quickly.""