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  • 2nd Annual Virtual Summit organized by Trifacta
  • May 10-12, 2022

Tell us your data engineering story.

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The Best People, Ideas, and Technology in Data Engineering, All in One Place

Data engineering is hot. According to the DICE Q3 2021 Tech Job Report, data engineers, data analysts, BI analysts, and similar titles are among the most in-demand roles. If you move, structure, clean, or pipeline data to drive critical enterprise decisions, you’re doing the work of data engineering. If you work with data, this conference is for you. Wrangle Summit 2022, hosted by Trifacta, the conference dedicated exclusively to data engineering.

Join Us To:

  • Learn, share and grow the discipline of data engineering and network with some of the world’s leading minds who are shaping its future
  • Promote data engineers as the hero in data-driven projects, the ones who preserve the credibility of analytics and protect ML/AI models
  • See the latest tools and techniques for accelerating the data analysis process

Call for Papers

  • Did you just create a breakthrough data pipeline that saves your company hours upon hours every week?
  • Did you identify a data quality error that could have cost your business millions?
  • Have you figured out a more effective approach to standardizing dates across timezones?
  • Is your analytics workflow a masterpiece of integrated services and automation

If you answered yes to any of these questions then we want your submission.

Submit Session     Submit by February 28, 2022


Up Your Game

We’ll have some of the world’s leading minds in data unveiling the latest tools and techniques for accelerating the process of getting data ready for analytics and machine learning.

Up Your Team's Game

Training sessions, certification, and more so that you and your team can learn new skills and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Up Your Networking Game

Yes, it is possible to network and meet the individuals that will change the trajectory of your career at a virtual conference. It won’t be weird…trust us.


Who is the Wrangle Summit for?

Any and all organizations are welcome at the Wrangle Summit:
  • Businesses, large and small
  • Government agencies or departments
  • Work in financial services, healthcare, energy and utilities, telecommunications, manufacturing, or transportation
Any and all data workers are welcome at the Wrangle Summit:
  • Data Scientists and Analysts
  • Data Engineers and Data Ops
  • Executive sponsors of data analytics organizations
  • IT Directors and Managers
  • Integration/ETL developers and team leads
  • Data Stewards and Data Governors

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