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Dataprep FAQ

What is the relationship between Trifacta and Google?

Trifacta is a Premier Google Cloud Partner. Google is an investor in Trifacta and distributes the company’s technology under the “Dataprep” name.

Dataprep is a native Google Cloud service jointly developed and supported by the two companies. The product combines Trifacta’s award-winning, interactive data preparation platform with the elastic scale of Google Cloud storage and processing. Dataprep enables data workers to prepare diverse data and automate data pipelines to feed downstream analytics and machine learning initiatives on Google Cloud. Dataprep is available in the Google Cloud console and adheres to the same Google consumption and security principles of Google Cloud.

How Dataprep complies with security, privacy, and data protection?

As a native Google Cloud service offered by a third-party organization, Trifacta meets rigorous data protection, security and privacy standards to comply with Google Cloud requirements.

With Dataprep, your data is protected and stays in your control. Specifically:

  • Trifacta does not own, store, or see any of the data you access and transform with Dataprep.
  • You can select the Google Cloud region where you want the data to be transformed (based on Dataflow or BigQuery regions) in order to maintain GDPR compliance.
  • Trifacta only uses your information to deliver you the data preparation service that you subscribe to.
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How does Dataprep work and interact with my data?

The Dataprep service provides a web-interface for users to define the transformation logic and schedule job execution. Dataprep anonymously and securely stores this logic in the form of metadata within Google Cloud SQL. The Dataprep service itself does not transform nor store any of the customer’s physical data.

The Dataprep service translates user-generated metadata describing data transformation logic into a Dataflow job or BigQuery SQL statements which reads, transforms and writes the customer data exclusively within the user’s Google Cloud project. During job execution processed by Dataflow or BigQuery, data does not leave the customer’s Google Cloud project.

The Dataprep service only exists within the Google Cloud ecosystem, and can only be launched from the Google Cloud console after authorization through Google Cloud Identity and Identity Access Management (IAM) roles.

Where can I access more training resources for Dataprep?

In addition to the QuickStart tutorial in the Documentation, Dataprep also has free training available on the Trifacta Community website.

Dataprep is also supported through community efforts Trifacta Google Cloud Dataprep & Stack Overflow Dataprep where many questions are responded to. You can then open a ticket with Trifacta Support or the Google Cloud Support. If you have additional questions, please contact us and we will make sure it is taken care of.