Data Science is the New Oil Industry 

The field of data science has seen huge growth in recent years. As both the technology and data collection required for data science becomes more sophisticated, data scientists are seeing unprecedented results from data science techniques such as machine learning and predictive analytics. Still, data science is a relatively new field for most businesses. There remains much to be discovered and many challenges—both for data scientists and at a societal level—to overcome. The Economist has likened this data science boon to the early days of the oil industry, which was similarly lucrative, fast-growing and unregulated. Now that “data is more valuable than oil,” the data science industry should be given similar scrutiny. 

Those on the frontlines of the data science field are data scientists. It is the data scientist who must execute increasingly complex data science projects, who must adapt to new technologies, and who must be mindful of shifting best practices and regulations. Given their value to the continued advancement of data science, it’s no surprise that there has been “a 56% increase in [data scientist] job openings in the US over the past year, according to LinkedIn” and that TechRepublic calls the role of the data scientist “the most promising job of 2019.”