What is Data Exploration?

Data exploration is like searching for oil—figuring out where to drill is a combination of art and science, and making the right choices can bring in a gusher. In both cases, exploration is about searching for something when you don’t know where it is. Data exploration is one of the initial steps in the analysis process and is used to begin exploring and determining what patterns and trends are found in the dataset. An analyst will usually begin data exploration by using data visualization techniques and other tools to describe the characteristics of a dataset. At this point, analysts aren’t sure what they are looking for in the dataset because it’s so early in the process. But using the right data exploration tools and techniques can bring forth a wealth of information and eventually insights. Using the best tools for data exploration enables analysts, IT professionals and business executives to draw substantive insights and quickly identify which data to analyze further.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at data exploration, why it’s important, and how Alteryx can help business users, data analysts and technical users do data exploration faster and more efficiently than ever before.