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Analytics Engineer

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An Analytics Engineer’s job is to build the bridge between data engineering and data analysis, maintaining well-tested, well-documented, and up-to-date datasets that the rest of the company can use for analytics. Analytics Engineers enable self-service analysis by providing the infrastructure that less-technical end users can use to answer their own questions. Analytics Engineers have a unique combination of skill sets, sitting somewhere between Data Engineers, Data Analysts, and Data Scientists. They are technical enough to understand software engineering best practices (like Data Engineers), but must also be able to communicate effectively with stakeholders (like Data Analysts).

Trifacta Helps Analytics Engineers Empower End Users

Trifacta’s self-service data engineering cloud platform simplifies the jobs of Analytics Engineers by making data transformation more intuitive for end users. That means Analytics Engineers can spend less time consulting with end users on how to use data, and more time maintaining useful datasets.

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