Trifacta’s unique approach to data cleansing

Data cleansing or data scrubbing is the first step in the overall data preparation process. It is the process of analyzing, identifying and correcting messy, raw data. When analyzing organizational data to make strategic decisions you must start with a thorough data cleansing process. Scrubbing data is crucial to data analysis. Good analysis rests on clean data–it’s as simple as that.

All too often organizations lack the attention and resources needed to perform data scrubbing to have an effect on the end result of analysis. Inadequate data cleansing and data preparation frequently allow inaccuracies to slip through the cracks. The lack of data scrubbing leading to inaccuracies is not the fault of the data analyst, but a symptom of a much larger problem of manual and siloed data cleansing and data preparation. Beyond the lackluster and faulty analysis, the larger issue with traditional data cleansing and preparation is the amount of time it takes–Forrester Research reports that up to 80% of an analyst’s time is spent on data cleansing and preparation. With so much time spent scrubbing data, it’s understandable why this step is sometimes skipped over.