Are you inundated with data? Is your data difficult to access and use? Are you able to analyze all the data you collect? Then you might need resources and tools to help with data blending.

Data blending is a process that allows the users to quickly get value from multiple data sources by helping them see patterns.

Challenges with Data Blending 

Most companies and organizations are collecting as much data in one week as they used to collect in an entire year. Even though companies and organizations are collecting and creating more data, they are unable to use the bulk of it, which is where data cleansing, data blending, and data wrangling can help.

A leading analyst firm estimates that most companies analyze less than 20% of their data. Why is this? Preparing data and blending large, diverse datasets based on numerous sources for analysis is time-consuming, messy and often left to data analysts or data scientists to deal with. For most datasets, data analysts don’t have the right tool and are stuck with applications like Microsoft Excel or similar spreadsheets that were not designed for blending data, data cleansing, and data wrangling. This can present a challenge for a data analyst or business user by slowing or stalling the process of analysis.

Data cleansing with Designer Cloud  

Data cleansing is the first step in the data preparation process. It involves finding and removing sloppy and unorganized data, such as missing values, as the first step of data preparation. Without proper data cleansing and scrubbing, errors can be moved to the data warehouse or target database, but unfortunately this process can take about 80% of an analyst’s time on a data project. Steps in the data preparation process can drain an analyst’s time and resources, which is why data cleansing is often passed over. But data cleansing and scrubbing doesn’t need to be a cumbersome and time-consuming process. By data cleansing with tools like Designer Cloud, that time can be dramatically reduced so that data analysts or business users can focus on their data analysis.

Data blending and data wrangling with Designer Cloud

After data cleansing, the next step is data blending and data wrangling. Designer Cloud provides an entirely new approach to self-service data preparation, blending data and working with diverse data. Our data cleansing, wrangling and blending solution helps to streamline the cumbersome data preparation process. Designer Cloud was developed to help individuals and organizations to quickly unlock the potential of their data and gain more insights for analysis. Designer Cloud provides a six-step process of discovering, structuring, cleaning, enriching, validating and publishing your data of all shapes and sizes.

Start data wrangling and data blending with Designer Cloud

To help you get started we have created an eBook that provides more details on the six-step data wrangling and data blending process and how you can become a data wrangler. In this eBook you will:

  1. learn how data visualization combined with data preparation and data blending can help your business or organization get faster analytics
  2. understand how analysts are empowered through data blending multiple datasets
  3. speed up your organization’s analytic process so you can get more value out of your data

Our head data scientist has outlined six simple steps that will have you thinking about data like a seasoned data scientist. Download our complimentary eBook, Six Core Data Wrangling Activities: An Introductory Guide to Data Wrangling with Designer Cloud and start wrangling today.