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Virtuous Cuts Customer Onboarding Time by 50% with Trifacta


Core Challenges

Virtuous as a start-up company had a platform to engage non-profit organizations and donors. Data migration specialists were doing everything manually in Excel per customer to migrate CSV data. Customers had multiple migrations, but nothing was repeatable.

Unfortunately Virtuous was faced with  multiple escalations from customers on migration issues. As a result employee workloads were not manageable and the time to resolve those issues was taking up to 300 hours.


How Trifacta Solved this Problem:

Trifacta has allowed Virtuous to streamline the onboarding process and eliminate manual processes. Leveraging starter templates in Trifacta for popular CRM sources has standardized and automated their processes.



Financial Savings

Before Trifacta there was a manual and time-consuming process which is now a repeatable solution  saving time and use of resources. This has  reduced customer onboarding costs by $200,000 a year.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

After transforming data with Trifacta and importing the data into a custom Virtuous tool it has eliminated excel and streamlined the onboarding process decreasing escalations by 30%.

Established Efficient Workflow

Templates built in Trifacta shared with teams has reduced time spent on manual processes and repetitive work. As a result Virtuous increased employee satisfaction and work life balance.