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The Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) industry is traditionally on the back end of technology. Analysts struggle with the limitations of spreadsheets to be effective in their reporting. The procurement analyst may not have the technical skillset to generate complex code to solve their problems, but they are the experts in the data. SDI wanted to build a procurement database with Google-like search capabilities so that analysts could find appropriate vendors and pre-price products without ever having to go to market. Utilizing Excel, SDI was only able to pre-price about 1% of items without going to market.

How SDI Modernized Supply Chain Data

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Solution with Designer Cloud powered by Trifacta

SDI has modernized their reporting process by leveraging Cloudera and Designer Cloud to automate workflows, expand reporting and grow their business beyond their expectations. With their modernized reporting process, SDI has increased pre-pricing for their customers. The percentage will continue to increase as they add more data.

Company Background

SDI is a Digital Supply Chain Solutions firm with a focused practice in Indirect Materials, MRO, and Industrial/Facilities Technology. We go to market through an innovative As-a-Service offering, delivering custom solutions and results designed to improve our client’s MRO supply chain performance.

For 48 years, we’ve demonstrated value by demonstrating to our clients how the supply chain works best when it all works together. Lower costs, smarter inventories and increased performance are all-natural results from a more connected, coordinated and optimized MRO process.