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Reduction in time spent onboarding new data

Core Challenges

The Fluid and Tissue sample labs at Genentech, a subsidiary of Roche regularly receive manifest files from external labs that need to be properly standardized and structured for onboarding into Genentech’s proprietary sample management system, SAMi. Onboarding these files was a significant undertaking—not only did Genentech receive huge volumes of manifest files, but its vendors provided these files in many different formats. Under manual, code-based processes, there was always a looming possibility of data quality errors and an inability for Genentech to scale. Many of Genentech’s business users, who knew the contents of these files quite well, were unable to review or upload files simply because they didn’t know how to code.


How Designer Cloud powered by Trifacta Solved this Problem

Upon implementing Designer Cloud powered by Trifactaa edition on AWS, Genentech was able to automate the ingestion of manifest files into SAMi. In doing so, Genentech reduced time spent onboarding files from four hours down to just one hour. That means that sample data from new vendors is quickly available for tracking and downstream business analysis, leading to swifter insights. Perhaps most exciting for the Genentech team is that the intuitive Designer Cloud powered by Trifacta experience allows business users to be hands on with the onboarding process. Not only has this allowed the process to scale more quickly, but business users can now enrich and extend data from multiple sources while Trifacta automatically tracks where each source originated and how it has been transformed.



Accelerated Onboarding

Genentech can onboard new data 75% faster by leveraging Designer Cloud’s powered by Trifacta automation and scheduling capabilities.

Enriched Data

Genentech business users that have the best context of the data use Designer Cloud’s powered by Trifacta intuitive interface to enrich and extend data.

Increase Scalability

Automation allows for exponential growth, plus Genentech can now involve more non-technical more users in the onboarding process.