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PRGX helps the world’s biggest organizations discover leakage in their procurement and payment processes, and must routinely comb through huge volumes of transactions, vendor contracts, and other relevant data to identify erroneous payments. PRGX largely charges its customers a percentage of the savings realized, which means its revenue rests upon on the ability to identify and accurately measure these errors.


  • Preparing data was a bottleneck. Under a highly-technical process, PRGX was spending the majority of its time preparing data and couldn’t scale its procurement services
  • Diversity of data. PRGX receives data from its customers in a variety of formats—.xls, .csv, SQL—and must standardize that data for business units to analyze
  • Granularity of analysis. PRGX must analyze billions of rows of raw data from the world’s largest companies to identify overpayments at the SKU level, but lacked visibility into its data quality
  • Unable to analyze personalized promotions. PRGX’s customers tailor coupons based upon buying preferences, but with legacy technology, PRGX couldn’t aggregate or analyze these promotions on the individual level

Solution with Designer Cloud powered by Trifacta

  • With Designer Cloud intuitive wrangling interface, PRGX has extended the bulk of this work to non-technical business users, and has dramatically reduced the time spent preparing data from days to hours
  • Designer Cloud powered by Trifacta automatically recognizes a wide variety of data sources, allowing PRGX to quickly join and standardize diverse customer data
  • Designer Cloud quality bar offers a visual understanding of PRGX’s data and the ability to pinpoint errors and inconsistencies across huge volumes of data
  • With the combined solution of Cloudera and Hadoop, PRGX has been able to aggregate and analyze personalized coupon data across billions of rows and zero in on where they were exercised in Trifacta, an advanced initiative that has elevated PRGX’s capabilities

Company Background

PRGX Global, Inc. is a global leader in Recovery Audit and Spend Analytics services.  With over 1,600 employees, the company serves clients in more than 30 countries and provides its services to 75% of the top 20 global retailers and over 20% of the top 50 companies in the Fortune 500. PRGX delivers more than $1 billion in cash flow improvement for its clients each year. The creator of the Recovery Audit industry more than 40 years ago, PRGX continues to innovate through technology and expanded service offerings. In addition to Recovery Audit, the company provides Contract Compliance, Spend Analytics and Supplier Information Management services to improve clients’ financial performance and manage risk. For additional information on PRGX, please visit

“Data is a driving force behind our business, and we’re confident that with Trifacta we have found a tool that will empower us to drive further innovation with our data initiatives.”