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Core Challenges

Analyzing paid social media isn’t finite; as soon as one campaign ends, there are always more or new ads to run and assess. Previously, PlusUp routed all social media data through Excel spreadsheets where it was standardized and stitched together for analysis. But this manual, time-consuming process left PlusUp constantly playing catch up and spending more time on prep work than on the actual analysis. Worse yet, manual data preparation and cleaning is prone to error, which meant that PlusUp had to triple check its work—there were no cutting corners to save time. And as PlusUp grew its business, it couldn’t see any obvious ways to scale this process (except by hiring more analysts).


How Trifacta Solved this Problem

PlusUp built a modern data stack using SaaS products found on the Google Cloud Platform—Fivetran for data integration, BigQuery for storage, Google Cloud Dataprep by Trifacta for data engineering, and Data Studio for reporting and visualization. Instead of going back and forth between various Excel spreadsheets, PlusUp now has a “one stop shop” for all analytics on Google Platform that even its most novice analysts can operate. With Trifacta’s automation and scheduling features, PlusUp delivers in record time client analyses thanks to automated data preparation. This has saved numerous hours in analyst time and the risk of data quality errors has dropped down to near zero.

Improved Efficiency

To complete the same quantity of reporting, PlusUp went from spending 180 hours of analyst time per week under Excel to one hour of analyst time per week with Google Cloud Dataprep by Trifacta. 

Reduced Costs

Automation in Trifacta freed up analyst time and shifted their focus toward revenue-driving activities, such as onboarding new customers onto the PlusUp solution.

Reduced Errors

The ability to reuse standard Trifacta recipes across clients ensured more accurate results and better social media recommendations.