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PlusUp helps marketers use data, analytics, and technology to build brands and generate sustainable business growth through social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

By combining consultancy and technology, PlusUp offers thoughtful social strategy & planning, media buying, analytics/measurement, technical deployment projects, and in-house conversion services.


Business Challenges

  • PlusUp analysts spent the majority of their time cleaning client data, taking them away from the value-added work in defining and executing the customer’s social-media’s strategy.
  • Inefficient, manual process hindered PlusUp’s ability to bring on new clients fast enough, leading to leave money on the table due to their inability to serve this huge market demand.
  • Lack of automation & validation led to inaccuracies in preparing client data for analysis, driving non-optimal business recommendations.

Technical Challenges

  • Excel-based data transformation process was manual, inefficient, time consuming,  leaving data issues hidden, and could not scale to the growing volume of data to deal with.
  • The scale & format of Facebook advertising data did not translate well into Excel
  • Always re-inventing the wheel for each new customer due to the lack of reusability of Excel-based process

Solution with Trifacta

  • Improved Efficiency: PlusUp reduced time spent on data preparation by 99.5% with Cloud Dataprep. Prior to using Cloud Dataprep, PlusUp required 10 analysts spending 20 hours a week in Excel to complete reporting. With Cloud Dataprep they were able to reduce the workload to 1 analyst spending 1 hour each week to complete reports.
  • Reduced Costs: Automation in Trifacta freed up over 180 hours per week of analyst time to focus on better social-media plans and increasing the number of new customers to onboard into the PlusUp solution.
  • Reduced Errors: Ability to reuse standard recipes across clients ensured more accurate results and better social-media recommendations

Company Background

PlusUp is not your traditional ad agency but rather a paid social consultancy that helps leading brands and their agencies deliver effective advertising on leading social networks. Since 2010, the PlusUp team has managed more than $500 million in paid social activity for brands including Walmart, Target, Allstate, AT&T, and more. As a result, PlusUp has developed an expertise in the foundational marketing technologies required for successful advertising on Facebook and other social networks.

“We couldn’t accomplish these analytics and automated processes as well before Trifacta. Google Dataprep by Trifacta enables us to achieve things we couldn't do before. Trifacta automates tasks that I couldn’t get a human to do. I would have to hire bigger teams to accomplish what we can today.”