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Origami Logic



Origami Logic combines and standardizes marketing performance data from a wide variety of sources — social media, clickstream, search, display advertising, CRM, etc. — into its customer-facing marketing analytics platform. While their platform provides seamless support to a large number of data sources, they also handle data from proprietary files that often require some wrangling. With Trifacta, Origami Logic had the opportunity to accelerate this process, delivering marketing performance analytics and insights to customers faster than ever before.


  • Manual data preparation for proprietary data was time-consuming. Origami Logic divvied up its efforts amongst a team of analysts who worked exclusively in Excel, but, as the business grew, this process no longer scaled.
  • Understanding data quality was difficult. Origami Logic regularly receives new customer files and wasn’t able to easily identify existing quality issues within a huge data set in Excel.
  • Lack of automation led to errors. Upon onboarding a client’s data and understanding the preparation work required, Origami Logic had the opportunity to automate that process for each new file. However, by continuing to manually prepare that data, the final output data was far more prone to errors.

Solution with Trifacta

  • By leveraging Trifacta for work across multiple customers’ proprietary files, the team has saved anywhere from 80 to 100 hours per week. Without Trifacta, the team would have needed to leverage costly engineering resources to accomplish the same work.
  • With Trifacta’s visual and automatically-generated histograms, the Origami Logic team can quickly identify the contents of each file, which delivers more accurate analysis.
  • Once the Origami Logic team understands how to tackle a particular customer’s data, Trifacta memorizes and automates those transformation steps, which reduces errors.

Company Background

Origami Logic is a marketing analytics company that helps teams master their marketing performance by letting them see what’s working and what’s not, so they can optimize their efforts.

“Trifacta is an impressive technology, and it plays an important role in our ability to deliver results to our customers quickly. We receive massive amounts of data and proprietary files across various customers, which often require daily updates. Once Trifacta has memorized our steps, it automates that process and allows us to be hands-off, which saves us a huge amount of manual work and eliminates the risk of errors.”