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Open Systems AG is a IT security company that deploys a number of network security, connectivity, and application delivery solutions at companies worldwide. Inherent to Open System’s business is the need to continually improve upon its products and ensure that they deliver the best possible performance. In order to do so, Open Systems must ingest huge volumes of software log data and quickly prepare the data for performance analysis without delaying new deployments or upgrades for its customers.


  • Parsing log data was time-consuming using scripts. Open Systems receives huge volumes of structured and semi-structured log data, which it was unable to parse quickly to integrate into its product portfolio
  • Inconsistent data quality. Without clear insight into its raw data, Open Systems could unknowingly feed faulty data into its visualizations and risk inaccurately assessing its products’ performance
  • Inability to prototype new ideas. The time-consuming process of preparing data meant that Open Systems had little opportunity to innovate

Solution with Designer Cloud powered by Trifacta

  • With Designer Cloud automatic recognition and suggested transformations of complex data, Open Systems has reduced its time spent preparing data by 80%—now, the same process that required 10 days only takes two
  • Designer Cloud histograms and visual quality bars allow Open Systems to easily identify outliers or missing values, affording greater confidence in their product analysis and, ultimately, leading to more satisfied customers
  • The live preview of transformations in Designer Cloud is almost instant, which helps Open Systems quickly prototype and begin the analysis process earlier on in the data lifecycle

Company Background

Founded 1990 in Basel, Switzerland, Open Systems AG has over 25 years of experience in IT security, availability, and visibility. It provides services in 181 countries worldwide and operates independently from technologies or providers.

“Without accurate data, we can’t clearly measure effectiveness of our products. Since using Trifacta, we’ve been able to more easily identify what’s wrong in our data, and quickly transform it for analysis. Instead of worrying about writing scripts correctly, we can select and click, which has improved our time-to-usable data substantially”