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Core Challenges

OFI processes 20GB of data each day for financial assets, non-financial data related to making ethical investments and regulatory reporting. In most use cases it involves extracting data from over 20 legacy data warehouses from which this data has to be unified. All of them have to be sent to the data warehouses at least one time per day. The whole dataset include around 3000 data columns, each requiring specific data preparation before being sent to the data warehouses. In order to serve their clientele OFI needed the right tool to serve their current data needs and the ability to grow and scale to support new types of data in years to come.


How Trifacta Solved this Problem

Dataprep enables OFI to collect, refine, and reorganize raw data files. Using Google BigQuery pushdown optimization to access refined data, OFI is able to support a variety of business cases including marketing forecasting, sales forecasting, interest prediction, and capital structure planning. According to OFI, one of Dadaprep’ best features is its ability to create unique tests while preparing data, as most bugs that come up during data transformation come from insufficient testing.



Increased Productivity

Users are able to run multiple tasks at the same time on Dataprep. On average, 3 employees were able to simultaneously work on the database project and serve OFI internal customers, a task which typically requires 9 people when completed separately at the industry standard.

Reporting Efficiency

A clear data design plan and systematic integration of data fields has enabled a data warehouse in which OFI can deliver reporting to businesses early. By building the data warehouse progressively they can build over time with a smaller budget and consensus over time.

Reduced Risk

Unlike legacy tools, which require specific expertise, users were able to get started with Trifacta right away. This ease of use, coupled with the quick delivery of business results, made it easy for executives to select Dataprep.