Executing on its mission of lowering the barriers to leadership, NationBuilder promises political candidates free access to its voter file, or an aggregate of the entire country’s voter registration with their voting history. However, NationBuilder knew it had the opportunity to build and maintain its voter file much more efficiently.


  • Voter data is messy. NationBuilder needed to compile poorly-formatted and inconsistent datasets from hundreds of different state and county offices into a normalized nationwide voter file.
  • Custom data transformation tools are complex to build and difficult to maintain. Frequently changing data conventions at the state, county and city levels required NationBuilder to devote engineering resources to the constant maintenance of brittle custom tools.
  • Voter datasets are large and constantly being updated. NationBuilder needs to refresh millions of voter records on a regular basis. Data refreshes must be fast and scale to support hundreds of millions of records.

Solution with Trifacta

  • Trifacta has dramatically reduced the time NationBuilder spends normalizing data to build a national voter file, while also making the process simple and repeatable.
  • NationBuilder has built a repository of Trifacta wrangle scripts that make it easy to refresh the file quickly whenever new data becomes available or timely updates are needed.
  • By using Trifacta, NationBuilder has been able to eliminate its custom data transformation tools and expand its voter file wrangling efforts to a broader and much less technical team.

Company Background

NationBuilder is the world’s first software platform for leaders with one smart system to grow communities and lead people to action.


How NationBuilder Wrangles Voter Registration Data with Trifacta Testimonial

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