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Core Challenges

Koffie focuses on commercial trucking insurance where the average time for quoting from the time of application submission is a 10-12 week turnaround. The service standard at Koffie is to provide a quote in a day. Koffie ingests 40 years of historical data on crash, inspection, marketplace and industry and live telematics data.With hundreds of millions of rows of data every month to ensure accurate risk assessment. They needed a solution that could support the data and could transform it rapidly to allow analysts to accurately calculate risk scores for 10m individual trucks in real-time.


How Designer Cloud powered by Trifacta Solved this Problem

Legacy insurers underwrite drivers and fleets, but don’t look at individual characteristics of a truck and only look at two factors when it comes to the vehicle: the value and weight. Koffie looks at hundreds of features in three buckets-operational, mechanical and emerging technologies to more accurately price risk on a per-truck basis. Designer Cloud powered by Trifacta has enabled Koffie to use alerting and webhooks on insurance data for commercial transportation and tie-n back to BigQuery. The team has built an underwriting dashboard which is a core business system and combines everything they know about vehicles, fleets and drivers into a single interface for the business teams to quickly evaluate when pricing risk. The technology has been able to support calculation of risk scores for 10 million individual trucks in real time. 



Customer Satisfaction

Koffie has developed an underwriting dashboard with Designer Cloud powered by Trifacta that enables them to provide a quote in a day versus the industry standard of months. This exceptional customer service has allowed them to grow their customer base.

Lead Generation

Moving the needle with data-marketing is possible because the data is in place to analyze and make business decisions. There is a self-serve culture around data and analytics with data dictionaries and templated queries.

Assess Risk

Designer Cloud powered by Trifacta has allowed Koffie to combine data about vehicles, fleets and drivers into a single point of access for business teams to use when assessing risk. In turn, determining the safety of the vehicles allows for ongoing coaching to drivers on safer behaviors to reduce risk.