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Core Challenges

Conducting a broad analysis of any kind at Kaiser Permanente—be it operational or patient-related—was like pulling teeth. Within the Kaiser network alone, data spans legacy systems at 39 hospitals and over 700 outpatient facilities and is generated in software systems with inconsistent file formats, such as XLS, CSV and ERP. Gathering and standardizing this data to analyze total supplemental worker spend, for example, was near impossible. The process was manual, code-intensive, and time-consuming, which didn’t allow Kaiser to scale quickly. Given the time involved, much of this work had to be outsourced and even then, the project still required several week-long iteration cycles and didn’t allow for ad-hoc analysis.


How Trifacta Solved this Problem

Kaiser built a Shared Analytics platform that includes Microsoft Azure for staging and storage, Trifacta for data engineering, and Arcadia Data for visual analytics and BI. With centralized data access, Kaiser analysts are using Trifacta to transform and standardize data from a variety of sources—no coding required. As they prepare data, Trifacta’s visual interface allows analysts to discover insights about the nature of their data in real-time, leading to richer and more accurate reporting dashboards or analyses. The result has been increased visibility across the Kaiser network, allowing the organization to make more efficient operational changes and raise the bar higher on patient care.

Increased Visibility

Supplemental workforce spend used to be a black box; with Trifacta, Kaiser now has visibility into 90% of spend and has streamlined supplemental workforce contracting.

Reduced Time-to-Insights

Trifacta has accelerated time-to-insights organization-wide. In analyzing spend analysis, for example, total analytic time was reduced by 80%.

More Effective Planning & Decision-Making

A baseline understanding of Kaiser’s spending and operational habits has led to more effective planning around staffing patterns, resource deployment, and compliance requirements.