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Core Challenges

Inhabit IQ’s tech-forward products run the gamut of the real estate industry, providing solutions for everything from vacation homes to student housing to single family residents. As such, they manage a lot of data. Customers files, third-party data, and internal data all provide valuable information, but can be extremely labor intensive to prepare for analytic use. It used to require up to four weeks for a pair of full-time Inhabit IQ employees to collect, transform, and output a variety of data in Excel reports. Worse yet, Inhabit IQ would sometimes later discover that the data had been incorrectly transformed and what had been the basis of their business decisions for months (or even a year) was, in fact, faulty.


How Designer Cloud powered by Trifacta Solved this Problem

Inhabit IQ built a modernized data ecosystem that included Snowflake as a centralized data warehouse, Fivetran for data ingestion, Stitch as a receiving point for customer data, Designer Cloud powered by Trifacta for data engineering, and PowerBI for data visualization. The stack allowed for faster, more streamlined data pipelines. Designer Cloud powered by Trifacta, in particular, was instrumental in accelerating the data transformation process and instilling data quality checkpoints that gave Inhabit IQ greater confidence in its data. Now, regardless of the data type or its source, Inhabit IQ can quickly gather and blend this data together—10 times faster than before. For the first time, Inhabit IQ has created a real-time, shared view of its data that not only demonstrates what kind of data is being imported, but what the data means for the business.



10X Faster Reporting

Designer Cloud powered by Trifacta low-code, visual interface allows Inhabit IQ to accelerate its data transformations.

More Trustworthy Data

Data quality checkpoints and alerts ensure that Inhabit IQ has the most trustworthy version of its data.

Deeper Insights

The ability to quickly combine data of all types—relational, non-relational, JSON, CSV—allows Inhabit IQ to build complex, robust reporting.