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Core Challenges

In 2019, Homeserve undertook the company’s biggest challenge yet: migrating from a 15-year-old on-premise data stack to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and replacing its in-house CRM with Salesforce. Alongside this data modernization initiative, Homeserve needed to revamp its IT processes, too; instead of directly serving business units, Homeserve IT wanted to adopt technologies that would enable self-service and allow for increased autonomy among internal experts. Freeing up the IT team’s time was critical in allowing the team to accomplish its mounting list of projects—one of which was mapping data from 10 newly-acquired companies and their unique CRMs to Salesforce. Homeserve sought out a self-service, ETL-esque technology that would allow for increased data access among its business users and assist with data transformation challenges within IT.


How Dataprep Solved this Problem

Homeserve adopted Dataprep, a data engineering platform that integrates seamlessly with the Google Cloud ecosystem and Salesforce. Dataprep has become the go-to technology for Homeserve data analysts, marketers, and salespeople to access and prepare the data they need to build reports and manage KPIs. It has also greatly accelerated IT’s work in transforming and moving data from a variety of newly-acquired CRMs to the company standard, Salesforce. Finally, Dataprep has also allowed for the rapid transfer of product-related data from Salesforce to its Google Cloud data lake storage. Trifacta’s ease-of-use, cost-efficiency, and seamless integration has allowed Homeserve to scale analytics across the company and more easily move and transform data between sources.



Improved cost-efficiency

Instead of costly licensing and enterprise fees, Homeserve only pays for what they use.

Seamless GCP integration

No struggling to integrate Dataprep with relevant services; Dataprep was built for the Google Cloud  ecosystem.

User-friendly experience

Dataprep has a familiar spreadsheet look but has powerful data engineering capabilities.