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Core Challenges

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has conducted thousands of clinical trials throughout its history and amassed petabytes of data in the process. But gaining access to that historical data was painful—GSK scientists and researchers regularly waited weeks or even months to receive their data requirements. Part of that time lapse was due to the huge variance in data. Clinical trials aren’t standardized to a particular format; instead, GSK has collected data in hundreds of different formats and stored this data across 2,100 silos. It was near impossible to look across different historical clinical trials and capture learnings or insights that could help advance future clinical trials.


How Trifacta Solved this Problem

GSK built an analytics center of excellence (CoE) that centralizes data and includes Kinetica for data management and streaming, StreamSets for data integration, Hitachi for data cataloguing, Trifacta for data transformation and automation, and Zoomdata and AtScale for data visualization. Hundreds of researchers and scientists are now using Trifacta to explore and transform data that was once virtually inaccessible to them in order to drive more innovative and efficient clinical trials. Since implementing its CoE, GSK has dramatically reduced time spent on clinical trial design and is closer than ever to achieving its vision of reducing total drug development time (typically, a 15-20 year process) by half.



Faster Regulatory QA

Visual representations of complex data allows the GSK team to quickly profile data and understand its contents.

Increased Efficiency

GSK researchers no longer rely on IT, which has reduced processes that used to take 6 months down to 2 weeks.

Bigger Opportunity for Innovation

The ability to more quickly reuse historical clinical trial data improves the quality of future trials.