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The network operations team at Etihad is responsible for monitoring flights to ensure that each one reaches its destination safely, on-time, and meets additional performance targets. By combining and analyzing a combination of static flight information data (e.g. departure/arrival time, destination, etc.), information collected about a given journey (e.g. the time a plane landed and arrived at the gate, etc.), and crew data (which crew members were on the plane and how experienced they are, etc.), Etihad’s network operations teams can understand how to optimize their fleet and crew. Reaching these insights quickly is critical to making the right changes to Etihad’s flight patterns and upholding its customer satisfaction.


  • Huge volumes of diverse data. Not only must Etihad combine a wide variety of flight and crew information, but the network operations team also wanted to incorporate more complex data, such as meteorological data, to strengthen their insights.
  • Previously, Etihad relied on a small number of advanced Excel users to prepare and analyze data, which was extremely time-consuming and created large work backlogs.

Solution with Designer Cloud powered by Trifacta

  • Designer Cloud relieves IT of the burden of provisioning and preparing diverse usage data for analytic exploration and use.
  • Analysts are empowered to work with the raw data improving the agility and scope of how they can use the data.
  • Time spent preparing data is reduced dramatically – allowing analysts to respond to the

Company Background

  • Designer Cloud streamlines Etihad’s ad-hoc approach, enabling business users to explore and prepare their own data at scale
  • Enables analysts to easily work through large volumes of flight and crew data to improve their network operations and meet their performance targets
  • Etihad is able to utilize a wider variety of complex data to improve existing analytics initiatives

“As the world’s fastest growing airway group, we're aggressively upgrading our technology and processes to provide the very best guest relations and operational efficiency. Trifacta ensures that our business teams get easy access to the right data to make timely and informed decisions and analyzes.”