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Enstar Group



Enstar Group (NASDAQ: ESGR) is a different kind of risk business. Enstar dynamically combines active underwriting in the world’s specialty insurance markets with consolidation of legacy risk. At the heart of both is the need to thoroughly understand risks and liabilities to create ideal solutions for customers. This analytical approach benefits clients ranging from risk carriers seeking optimal capital deployment to insurance buyers wanting crafted cover that meets their individual risk profile.


  • Enstar is an evolving insurance group, and desktop tools are proving less effective as the company grows. Additionally, Enstar is outgrowing traditional IT centric ETL and DW tools
  • The multifaceted nature of Enstar’s business means the company has a huge variety of data. Enstar needs to be able to standardize and join together a number of diverse data sources
  • To support streamlined processes, Enstar also needs the ability to profile and discover data inconsistencies early in the consolidation process
  • Enstar has an increased need for transparency due to its expanding global operation. Macros in Excel/Access and VBA scripts are challenging to share amongst team members for collaboration

Solution with Trifacta

  • With Trifacta’s user-friendly interface, Enstar’s analysts have gained a deeper involvement with the raw data for more accurate, in-depth discovery
  • Enstar can now quickly standardise a huge variety of data, allowing the company to fully leverage the vast amount of data from its investments
  • Trifacta allows users to abstract and share metadata across datasets for automated, reusable transformations, which has increased efficiency

Company Background

Enstar is a multi-faceted insurance group that offers innovative capital release solutions and specialty underwriting capabilities through its network of group companies in Bermuda, the United States, the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, Australia, and other international locations. Enstar is a market leader in completing legacy acquisitions, having acquired over 75 companies and portfolios since its formation in 2001, and has over $14 billion in total assets. For further information about Enstar, see

“Trifacta has allowed us to gain a better understanding of our data in less time and much earlier on in the process. We are extremely excited about its potential, and plan for company-wide adoption of Trifacta as one of our core technologies enabling self-service”